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Ready, I'm setting off (again).

Stop, take a look at that fork in the road.

Deciding which path to take is not often easy, weighing the pros and cons of each direction. It's funny how I've come to this same fork several times in the last few years. Once again, I'm standing here! With a new lens to look at my options, I am attacking the paths with the same vigor I have done in the past, but things may be a bit different this time around. You never really can tell.

One of the many things I have learned from the hundreds of preschoolers I have observed over years working in the toy and entertainment business; is that a young child has an unbiased trepidation to just go. Go! The fear of the unknown is nonexistent, and if they trip on the first few steps, it doesn't phase them at all. They just keep right on going, adjusting to whatever circumstances present themselves. After all, they seem to have a focused desire to complete the task, no matter how simple or complicate it might be. Lessons learned from the simplest observations.

Whether it's new product ideas, a new story to be written, or an experience to be made, this "move forward" drive is essential in whatever I do. Children are a lot smarter than many of us give credit. I think in my case, I should maybe heed their example and just Go.

These past few months I have a great opportunities to exercise the highly engaging brand story process and partner with some extremely talented people in the industry. I wouldn't change that for anything! However, the path I journeyed into was not really getting me to a place where I needed to be. So, from the observations of my youngest colleague's, I went back to that fork, and I'm once again setting off to a new adventures.

There are a lot of things we can learn from the youngest of children. You just have to look. Their unfiltered response and behaviors are fresh, and with a little observation, we can all benefit from where we once started. That journey for me continues, and I will always draw on my experience in developing product and entertainment to help guide me down the next path, with a stumble or not. Stay tuned and look for me along the way.

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