The Sky is Falling: Part 2

Not again! It's falling again! Last time it was Lego losing sales and now, as everyone is aware, Toys R Us yesterday announced they are filing for bankruptcy, and the world is in a frenzy! Well, some are, at least. It certainly makes for good press. None of this should come as a surprise to anyone in the toy industry. TRU has been having financial trouble for years, and there are many reasons for the state of their current business. They are one of many companies that have either folded or are closing retail stores. You read about it everyday. They have tried many different ways to get the consumer through their doors, without a lot of success. We are talking toys. What about the kids? They

Wait, Lego What?

Oh no, the sky is falling! Lego recently announced a 5% revenue decline from the first half 2016. How can that be? Lego is the darling of the toy industry, and we all thought they could do no wrong. Well, so goes the business of toys. Just when you think you have it figured out, the bottom falls out. Hasbro is not as shiny as it once was and Mattel...well... Some midsize companies are doing ok like MGA and Spin Master, but what we are hearing over and over from the great prognosticators of the future; the analysts, is that the toy industry as we once knew it, is on its last legs. "Blame the digital devices", they keep crowing. "Kids are only playing with screens." That in part is correct. Ki

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