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Working for a Fortune 500 company; Mattel and most specifically Fisher Price, my career spanned just about every category in the infant and preschool business. From infant listening monitors, "pre-cool" boys product, Imaginext, to interactive electronics; that list goes on! I have worked closely with some of the biggest licensors in the world and have extensive manufacturing experience and even ran a UK based toy subsiderary, Kiddicraft.

At the heart of my skills is the understanding of early child development and how to create product, entertainment and experiences that are meaningful to the child as well as their family. Over the last 10 years I have married my skills of developing product with the ability to innovate, using story as the underpinning of innovation. A skill I now offer clients.

I am excited to work with companies and teams to offer a broad range of expertise especially for young children and their families. I have developed unique processes to help create new, innovative products and experiences. From evaluation to full implementation, playfulNarrative can help bring connection to your user using stories that resonate across all platforms.

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